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Yahoo Security issues: Prevent the biggest intrusion via Yahoo Support

Yahoo is a search engine, a web portal and a subject dictionary of World Wide Web site which provides the user a reassurance of the structured view of millions of web pages as well as thousands of websites.

The company introduced Yahoo Mail service in 1997 and soon become a major success worldwide. Due to this reason, 2013 was the year considered as the fall year of Yahoo Mail when about one-third of the Yahoo accounts of the users were found to be hacked.

In Yahoo Mail, the first data breach occurred in August 2013 while the second one occurred in late 2014. According to Yahoo, the 2013 breach was executed by an unauthorized third party. And taking all the safety issues in mind, Yahoo asked all the affected users to change their account passwords and reset the security questions & answers to make their data encrypted in the future.

In September 2016, Yahoo disclosed about the 2014 breach which reportedly affected 500 million Yahoo user accounts. Also, it was observed by the Yahoo that the 2014 breach was done with the help of manufactured web cookies to forge login credentials, letting hackers to get access to any account with the need of a password.

Later on, in the month of December in 2016, it was found that Yahoo reported about the August 2013 Breach which was first reported to have affected about one-third of Yahoo Mail user account that is around 1 billion. However, according to the latest report that surfaced in October 2017 affirmed that all 3 billion accounts of Yahoo Mail users were getting affected in this biggest breach in the history of the internet.

Instant Recovery of Hacked Yahoo account

What to do if you have various important emails in the mail box and your account is blocked or hacked by some means? If it is so it can create a huge problem for you in handling your Yahoo account.

At this point of time, Yahoo has taken some necessary measures in order to ensure the safety of the Yahoo account of the user. This can be done perfectly with the implementation of advanced level security and introduction of 2-step authentication. Even if you face some issue related to it, get proper assistance via Yahoo Support.

Steps to secure your Yahoo account:

1. Always use a complicated and unique password.

2. Change your Yahoo password often.

3. Activate 2-step authentication feature.

4. Try not to share any of your account details or personal information with anyone that can lead the user to guess the password of your account.

Thus, if your Yahoo account is being blocked or hacked and you are unable to recover it with the help of official Yahoo support, get the aid via Yahoo Support.

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