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Gmail Tech Support to Restore and Backup Your emails of Gmail Inbox

Sometimes the Gmail users get irritated when they are not able to access their past emails in their Gmail inbox. However, every mail of user is stored securely on servers of Google, still to have own backup of emails is a good idea for every Gmail user. A reliable Gmail Tech Support agency can assist you best ways to overcome the situation of missing emails in your Gmail Inbox with effective backup & restoring techniques.

Here is discussed the most popular method to backup emails to your Gmail inbox:

Download Gmail-Backup: It is free of cost like all other open source programs. You can easily find it by searching its link on the browser and downloading .exe file.

Once you are completed with download, execute the downloaded file to install Gmail backup by following below mentioned steps:

Double click the icon created on desktop by Gmail backup

Start the program by double-clicking the icon

Specify Gmail login & password

Now enter for server

Choose preferred backup folder and give the name to backup file

Important: Before starting back up unhide all your mail folders. The backup file is stored date wise in the zip format. For example- 2018-01-29. The date format ensures that the backup files are stored in the order of date. The format is YYYy-MM-DD.

Now click backup. Here, if an error message is displayed saying cannot access IMAP folders, due to hidden mail folders. Then you firstly unhide all folders before starting back up.

The backup will only be completed when you see the message "Ending backup of account".

Here is discussed the most popular method to backup emails to your Gmail inbox:

Double click the Gmail backup icon on the desktop of windows to start Gmail backup.

(Your backup file and Gmail login is remembered by Gmail backup).

Then, enter password and verify name of backup file

Now, Click restore

Note: Email has the wonderful feature to make a backup of one Gmail account and perform it's restoring to another Gmail account. This feature can be helpful at the time when the user wants to move emails from one email account to another Gmail account. .