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Facebook Support: Preserve Privacy of your account in a few simple steps

Privacy of your Facebook account is something that is very important and difficult task to be managed by an individual. There are several key factors which every user should know that how Facebook is made private not totally public. There are three basic yet important facts which everyone should keep in mind discussed below:

  • ● Keeping List of friends Private
  • ● Making timeline and profile private
  • ● Limiting visibility of posts and photos

As a social media network for the public, Facebook tends to make visible everything public by default. There is a lot of information that is visible on Google search results to everyone on Facebook, even he/she is not your friend or a friend of a friend. However, Facebook has the right to make visible information of people publically still, Facebook critics define it as a functionality that violates people's right to privacy rule.

Even your friend list is not hidden to everyone by default, however, you can customize its visibility to "Friends of Friends", Only Friends" or "Only Me".

The step by step procedure for customizing friend list visibility to Private is discussed below:

Before you start customizing privacy options for profiles, posts and friend list, change your default sharing option on Facebook to "Friends" from "Public".

Other steps are discussed below:

Click "Privacy Settings" in the drop-down menu which will be found at the top-right corner of your Facebook homepage.

Here you will find main privacy option on one page.

At this step, you will see the important items "Who can see my stuff" and "Who can see my future posts?". By default sharing option is set to public. To change it to "Friends", click "edit" button at the right.

After selecting an option, click "close" to save your change.

For customizing visibility of your friend list, follow below-mentioned steps:

Go to your Timeline/Profile page for editing your friend's list visibility

Under Timeline Cover Photo, click "Friends" button next to where the complete list of your friends is shown.

Here you can customize visibility of your Friends list, Followers and the persons to whom you follow, by clicking "Edit Privacy" Option

To know other methods to preserving privacy, you can also join Facebook Support agency for better results.

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