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Demolish Slow Printing Speed Issue of Dell Printers via Printer Support

It is not possible for every printer to give equally best quality. Laser printers are compared to be faster than the inkjet printers. The only difference found in the design of both the printers particularly in the speed due to the emerging technology used in it.However, there can be many reasons behind the degradation in the quality and speed of the printers. It is considered to be the most common issue of printers these days. Some of the reasons of such printing problem areimproper installation of cartridge, alignment of print head, nozzle problems. Therefore, it’s time to fix the above-mentioned issues minutely before getting into any troubleshooting for slow printing.

Make it sure that if you are unable to resolve your slow printing issue even after fixing them, simply follow the below suggested steps guided to you via Printer Support service.

These guidelines are listed with reference to Dell AIO inkjet printers (model V525w and V725w.) However, even if you are not a user of a Dell printer, you can apply it in general by considering the following sneaky tips.

1. Refresh network connection; turn off the Ethernet or wireless network and then turn it on. Give a few minutes to your computer and printer for reconnecting to the network.

2. If you are connecting your computer and printer via an USB, always try to use a different USB cable.

3. Always choose a lower printing quality mode. You can print documents at normal mode rather than high-quality mode. This will result in low resolution print out but it will be fast. This can be used if you are printing in-office use documents. For formal documents, Switch to high-quality mode.

4. If the type of paper you are using is different from the preset paper type, try to change the paper type in your machine manually.

5. Removing the printer software and re-installing it also help with the slow printing issue. If you don’t know how to do it, ask for technical help from an experienced person.

6. Close the applications that are not in use to improve the processing speed of your system.

7. If the document which needs to be printed has heavy graphics and images; reduce their number and size for fast printing.

8. Sometimes low memory of computer also causes slow printing, adding memory (RAM) will help the processor to read data faster. Hence, it will lead to fast printing.

If you are not satisfied with these troubleshoot suggestions elaborated to you widely, you need to contact a professional Printer Supportserviceprovider. You can seek help form Dell support or go for a third part Printer Support service which can provide you the satisfactory service effortlessly.