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  • Internet not working : Press 3 at the main menu
  • charge a cancellation fees : Press 4 at the main menu
  • eturn my equipment : Press 5 at the main menu
  • email address : Press 6 at the main menu
  • access my email: Press 7 at the main menu
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Centurylink Email Technical Support; Issues and their countermeasures

Today, when we discuss major Internet service and webmail service providers across the world, the name of Century link strikes first in mind. Century Link, as the second largest communication service provider of United States, has its customer base spread in more than sixty countries. The company Century link not only offers communication services but also helps professional and non-professional grade customers to manage increased and IT complexity.

Further, when it comes to email service providers, Century link claims itself as the best entity in this arena. It not only enables users in exchanging emails with their acquaintances on regular basis but also delivers world-class high-speed internet service connectivity. As a result, as a dedicated user of Century Link, you can communicate comfortably with persons sitting at every nook and corner of the world with mind-blowing internet connectivity. It also supports webcam owing to which one can also share videos & photos and perform chats and video calls quite an efficient manner. For more details, join Century Link Email Technical Support via phone.

Some of the important functions of Century Link are:

img High-speed Internet

img Hosting services

img Data Networking

img Cloud and security services

img Can store large photos, files, contacts and videos

However, if you want to take all benefits of high-speed Internet service of CenturyLink email, then set-up your email account first. There are two options for setting email address- one while installation of service and other at the time which suits you best. The procedure to set-up century mail account for both ways is described below:

Set Email while installing Service

img For installing CenturyLink High-speed internet service, you require login to the CenturyLink homepage. As the prompt is seen, you need to follow below-mentioned steps:

img Choose "I want to create a new account as a login to Century Link home page" and click "Next".

img Type your new email address and create password

img Select a secret question and click next

Setting Email at your preferred time

img Open URL centurylink.net

img Select the green colour email button at top right of page

img Now click create account button

The major technical faults which are common to be faced by the user while operating Centurylink Account:

img Error in receiving and sending Century email using Webmail

img Technical issue while customizing Century email account settings

img Problems found in resetting Email Password

img Error occurred while customizing SMTP, IMAP or POP3 settings

img Phishing, hacking or junk mail related issues

img Issue related to wireless connection

Century Link users are most often not able to access their email account due to above mentioned or some other frequently occurred technical problems. As you would be aware that Century Link has its own official customer Care help centre for fixing these email technical errors, therefore, you can contact official Century Link Email Technical Support. You can try to find your significant help from chat support link and its Facebook, Twitter or gplus official links. Some important official Century Link support links are discussed below:

How to contact Century Link Official Support?

Official email support link http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/email.html
Century link official chat support link http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/click2chat-prism.html
Century link official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CenturyLink/
Century link twitter page https://twitter.com/centurylink?lang=en
Century link to gplus channel https://www.gplus.com/channel/UCbAROSeE9SMWq2V7MQhzFOA

However, Century Link tries its best to render satisfying solutions to its clients through its customer services, still, certain flaws (delayed response, communication gap, delayed response etc.) in its official support has been reported by most of its users. Therefore, to enjoy uninterrupted services and receive all help within seconds, contacting third party Century Link customer Support can be a wise task for the customers.

What does a Significant Centurylink Email Technical Support do?

Root causing the customer technical issues and delivering the best possible solution for their problems is what a genuine technical support does. The basic roles and responsibilities are discussed below:

img Provides complete assistance while upgrading speed performance and internet security of Centurylink email

img Finding out root cause of troubles encountered by the Centurylink users

img Assistance in configuration of Century Link email account

img Solve router, wireless connection and spam filter settings issues

How is Third Party better than Official Century link Support?

Century link Official Customer Support

Century link third party Customer Services

Delayed response Instant help
No premium support available Premium support available
Complex problems are difficult to be solved Complex problems get resolved within seconds
Unavailability of remote support Remote support for users across the world.

Apart from this, among all, some of the issues can be solved by the email user itself; however, there are many cases when the user is not able to identify the root cause of technical reason behind the issue encountered by them. At this juncture, they need a significant support from a person who is really competent to solve all kinds of issues at least possible time with great enthusiasm. Executives at Century Link Email Technical Support have long years of practice in the technical field. They are also agile with exceptional problem-solving skills which not only helps them to understand client's issues but also resolve their technical issues in a hassle-free manner.

We are assisting our wide client base by offering Centurylink Customer Service, that is a one stop solutions for all your email related problems. Our certified employees will solve your complaint of internet not working instantly. Further, we also charge a cancellation fees for returning of equipment or services. If you are unable to find your email password, then talk to a real person and reset you email or access your email by an old password as per your choice. By availing this Centurylink Customer Service, you can get help by our professionals through email address at very reasonable prices.

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